• Solar System installed for CMH BMW Menlyn
  • Environment
  • Solar Borehole Pump installed for SANPARKS
  • Green
  • Integrated Solar Streetlight
  • Solar Panels on Roof

Different Solar Power Approaches:

In South Africa the Solar Market is unique: Everyone wants Solar.  After getting outrageous quotations suddenly nobody wants Solar.

At Solar 4 You we realise it is all about guiding your expectation to what you really need.

Do you really need batteries now?  If the answer is NO you can start with Grid-Tie.

If the answer is YES, you can start with an Island Inverter with Batteries, and Grid-Tie later.

If the budget is LOW, you can try our 12V Solar Systems.

Solar systems that match any budget.


 12V Solar Kit 1.   12V Off-Grid Kits: Cost Effective + DIY  



2.  Residential Grid-Tie Systems



 Home Solar Kit 3.   Solar Home Off-Grid Kits   



Commercial Solar Systems 4.   Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems